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Do I need to bring my own sticks to the lessons?

Yes and No. If you forget your sticks that is absolutely fine. We have spare sticks with us at all times and you are more than welcome to use ours. Although playing with the same sticks is important as you need to get used to them. So we recommend you have them with you.

Do I need to bring book(s) to the lesson?

Yes.  We are happy to work through any drum books you may have.  We can also follow the series of Drumming Solutions books too.  We also recommend Rockschool Grade books if you want to take exams.  Bring these books with you when we are working on them.

Can my parent(s) accompany me to a lesson?

Of course they can.  It makes sense for them to get to know us as we get to know you.  If it puts your mind at rest it is no problem at all.  We want you to feel completely comfortable.

What happens in the school holidays?

We can still teach if you would like a lesson.  Ideally we would like to make this in the daytime.  There are some holidays in which we don't teach but we will let you know when these dates are.  We would recommend having a lesson through the holidays if you have an exam coming up.

Do I need my own drum kit at home?

We highly recommend it for fun and practice, but it is not essential.  However, once you reach a certain standard you will need your own drum kit.  When you feel the time is right we will be more than happy to give you advice on the type of kit that would best suit you.

Do I need to do Grades?

Although Grades are a good insentive for budding and established musicians you don't necessarily need to do them. We have a Drumming Solutions course which is critically acclaimed and we can adapt and fashion lessons to suit your own personnal needs. After all, every musician is a creative individual. For more information on grades visit the grade page

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Enthusiastic, vibrant and dynamic... Just a few words to describe the Samba sessions with Samba Con Brio. We will be using them again. Richard Eynon - RCT E3+ co-ordinator
Rhys has a lovely teaching manner, and is very encouraging. He gives praise when it's due and he has a great sense of humour and we all feel very comfortable in his company. Elen Davies - Mother to Griff age 10
Amazing, dedicated tutors, I have learnt shed loads and now I love to play with a metronome! Dayle Perkins - University Student
Rhys has been teaching my two son for well over four years. He has a lively and fun way of teaching that inspires his pupils. Would definitely recommend. Steven Marshall - Father of Nathan age 17 and Evan
The Samba workshop was a new experience for our team day. It was a very enjoyable afternoon session, which was delivered very well. Would highly recommend it. Dorothy Johnson, Head of HR - Wales Audit Office
Really great skills, brilliant lessons, and good people! Wouldn't be anywhere without these guys! Arran Watt - Y-Pant School Pupil
Drumming Solutions work has greatly contributed to the event becoming one of the largest community events in the valleys. Steve Smith - Communities First Porth Cluster