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Correct technique is essential for any guitarist from beginners to the advanced.  Good technique can allow a guitarist to take any stylistic idea and express it with control, fluency and accuracy in a relaxed manner.  Most guitarists want to progress quickly to learn their preferred style of music, but go about it in the wrong way, picking up bad habits.  We aim to build a solid foundation for your guitar playing by ensuring your technique is correct, whether you have been playing for many years or are just beginning.  We believe this will help you progress more efficiently to reach your goals.


The Guitar Solutions team consider music reading and notation to be essential if you want to play guitar at a high standard.  Reading is often neglected by learning guitarists, but if you wish to be more equipped in this instrument we advice that you have at least a basic understanding.  The reading guitarist also has a strong advantage in the professional world.


If a pupil would like to achieve Rock School Grades the Guitar Solutions team are able to take them up to and including Grade 8.  Grades are a wonderful incentive for any guitarist.  Major examination grades also have the benefit of counting towards educational qualifications from GCSE through to A Level.  Grades above level 5 also count towards University UCAS points. 

During Rock School exams, pupils are required to play along to CD's that have been supplied and written whilst following the correct guitar chart.  Pupils will also have to play through technical exercises, sight read, improvise, read music and answer musical knowledge questions.  These exams are nationally recognised.


Although the listings above are the main objectives of guitar teaching, the Guitar Solutions team will cover all aspects of guitar playing including rhythm/lead, improvised soloing and many other characteristics.  We will also cover underestimated, but yet important issues of guitar playing such as tone, timing and increased productivity out of your practice time.

The team aims to challenge your current playing ability by introducing you to music you would not have previously attempted and music that will always push you further up the scale. We really want pupils to progress and enjoy the process, thus we encourage them to tell us what and who's music they love. We can then study the artists music from a technical and theoretical point of view. We believe if you are playing music you love you will feel a personal sense of encouragement and want to continue!

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Enthusiastic, vibrant and dynamic... Just a few words to describe the Samba sessions with Samba Con Brio. We will be using them again. Richard Eynon - RCT E3+ co-ordinator
The Samba workshop was a new experience for our team day. It was a very enjoyable afternoon session, which was delivered very well. Would highly recommend it. Dorothy Johnson, Head of HR - Wales Audit Office
Amazing, dedicated tutors, I have learnt shed loads and now I love to play with a metronome! Dayle Perkins - University Student
Drumming Solutions work has greatly contributed to the event becoming one of the largest community events in the valleys. Steve Smith - Communities First Porth Cluster
Really great skills, brilliant lessons, and good people! Wouldn't be anywhere without these guys! Arran Watt - Y-Pant School Pupil
Rhys has a lovely teaching manner, and is very encouraging. He gives praise when it's due and he has a great sense of humour and we all feel very comfortable in his company. Elen Davies - Mother to Griff age 10
Rhys has been teaching my two son for well over four years. He has a lively and fun way of teaching that inspires his pupils. Would definitely recommend. Steven Marshall - Father of Nathan age 17 and Evan